Tradicional Cubano is a combination of Flute, Double Bass & Percussion, which brings together the most vibrant and iconic musical sounds from Cuba. The group is perfect for small functions, charming and beautiful weddings, outreach projects in schools and hospitals, recitals or just what you need as relaxing background music for latin inspired evenings at clubs or bars!!

One of the best examples of Cuban Tradicional Music playing.
Javier Zalba
Former of the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra

You heard them, you loved them and now, by popular demand, they’re back!
Tradicional Cubano gets right down to the vibrant roots of Cuban music, and the results are sensational... ...Latin American music simply doesn’t get any more authentic than this.Royal welsh College of Music and Drama

The Trio is deeply rooted in Cuban Traditional Music. It's founder, Jose Zalba-Smith, being the son of Javier Zalba (former member of Irakere, Cubanismo and the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra), is strongly committed to continue his father's legacy. Javier Zalba has strong links to the Trio and has performed with the group on several occasions. The group takes inspiration from composers such as Miguel Matamoros, Eduardo Sanchez de Fuentes, Sindo Garay, Benny More and many more. It's members, Jose, Paul and Zands have arranged their own music and enjoy fantastic feedback from listeners.

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